01 September, 2012

Travel Journal- Xochimilco

February 6, 2012
Xochimilco with Amarantha

Today we went to Xochimilco where they have all the floating boats.  It is a system of channels navigated by small flat boats. Some of the land is completely isolated in Xochimilco, islands that are only reached by these boats.  They have to bring loads of supplies over ONE ton at a time.  I guess they did shoot a commercial with a small car on one of these boats, but still.  Hard to imagine day to day life when all you rely on is a tiny flat bottom boat.  We got a boat all to ourselves and floated around the canals for two hours.  There are people in smaller boats selling corn on the cob, snacks, full blown meals, beers...you name it!  They have mariachis that float next to you and play songs by request, people with giant Xylophone type things, guitars...Then there are the little old ladies who paddle around selling beautiful bouquets of flowers, cute little dolls and other souvenirs.  We made it home just as the rain started.
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