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Boris Olvera with Eric Lee, Joel Peterson and the rest of the team
My name is Jessi and my husband is Boris Olvera.  We have moved to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico in 2012.  In the Summer of 2015 we moved to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.  We have a Food Truck called Señor Chef.  We use it to attend events in the Ensenada Area and work with wineries to do Wine and Food Pairing in the Valle de Guadalupe.  We also have a Personal Chef Services business that we run here in town, we offer catering for parties, personal dinners, special events, as well as cooking classes; all in home.  We get to meet lots of wonderful people and best of all we get to share our passion for food with others.

New York Steak with Exotic Mushrooms
Boris is from Mexico and I am a California Valley Girl.  We met in Napa, CA where we both worked at a winery; I in the Wine Club and Boris as the Chef.  We both had a life long dream of living in Mexico.  As our relationship grew, so did our dreams and soon enough we were on the road!

Boris and Jessi Olvera
Before we moved to San Miguel we took a three month tour of Mexico in our old Winnebago, just us and the cat.  After 6,000 miles, 14 states and over 20 stops we have an enormous love for Mexico, it's people, the culture and (as always) most of all THE FOOD.  Our trip around Mexico was one of the most memorable events in either of our lives.  We laughed, we cried, we tried to have a fight once but that did not work out very well... when you live in less than 100 square feet, there is NO WHERE to run!  We met wonderful people, discovered many new things, not just about Mexico, but about ourselves, our relationship and life.  We tasted many wild and wonderful things; exotic fruits, moles, specialty dishes, light as air meringue treats, finger licking street food and melt  your face off hot salsa.  It is an adventure that we will never forget!

La Paroquia with Mom
In this blog you can expect to find Jessi`s thoughts on living in Mexico, tales from our travels and food!  Lot's of food.  Jessi writes the blog from her perspective as an American Expat living in Mexico, as the wife of a Chef, and as someone who is in love with the culture, people and food of Mexico.  

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