25 August, 2015

Peaches...a little something different

I adore peaches!  Big, ripe, clutch them with both hands as you lean over the sink slupring and sucking in summer as the thick juice rolls off of your elbows, PEACHES!

Growing up in Ag Country, California Peaches and Summer are synonyms for one another.  I remember going out to our friends orchard, climbing to the tops of the trees that the workers had missed and bringing down the sun burned fruit.  It was too ripe and red to sell in the markets... but we knew the truth: these were the best peaches.  We would come home with a giant crate of big beautiful peaches.  We would start out at the sink... that would last a few days.  But then they would start to get too ripe and then the mad dash to can and process this succulent representation of summer would ensue.

For the following three days we would be up to our elbows in peach fuzz, peeling and slicing the fruit.  We never even made syrup to can the fruit in.  They were so juicy that we would just squish as many slices into the jars as we could fit and pop the lids on.  For the remainder of the year we would pull out a jar, admire the summer sunshine glowing from within and then POP!  We whipped up pies and cobblers and crisps or just ate them right out of the jar.  There never seemed much of a reason to stray from the basic peach recipes.  When the produce is perfect you have to let it shine.

Alas, moving to Mexico I do not have my usual source of summer divinity.  And for the first couple of years I have to admit that I avoided eating the peaches.  Because those firm, tennis ball sized fur balls did not deserve to be called peaches in my book.  They were criminal!

When I finally tasted them I learned to appreciate the firm flesh in a different way.  It was all the flavor packed into a tiny package.  So this year, our third year in Mexico, when a friend said that she had a tree dripping with fruit I found myself saying "load me up!"  Now I have a giant bag of Golf Ball sized fruit and the only thing I can think of is how in the hell am I going to get that firm flesh off of those tiny pits!?!?!?!  Boris had some lovely ideas on poaching that set my mind at ease... until I started obsessing about what recipe would be worthy of all the effort?

Peach Jam seemed an obvious choice, since I make all of our jams.  But I just bought 2 kilos of Strawberries at the Tianguis and really had my heart set on Strawberry Jam.

Of course I headed straight to Pinterest!

I hit the blogs:  they had ample choices and variations for all the Sweet traditions and even a few salad ideas! Here, here and here.

Finally, I arrived at my all time favorite blog; Dash and Bella.  There, I drooled over a Grilled Plum and Lemon Ricotta Toast  I knew I had to do something savory with my tiny peaches!

Back to the families stash of secret recipes, something I had not tried yet but my aunt and mom reminise over and over again. Pickled Peaches...say what?!?!?!  I had to try it.

Served best over Natural Yogurt with a drizzle of honey.  This is one odd recipe that you will certainly want to try before the summer is over.

Pickled PeachesIngredients:2 pounds small peaches
1 stick cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
3/4 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup Vinegar
Peel peaches.  Treat to prevent darkening.  Tie spices in a spice bag.  Combine spice bag, sugar and vinegar in a large sauce pot; boil 5 minutes.  Drain peaches.  Cook drained peaches in boiling syrup until they can be pierced with a fork, but are not soft.  Remove from heat.  Cover; let stand 12 to 24 hours in a cool place.  Bring to a boil.  Remove spice bag.  Pack peaches into hot jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space.  Ladle hot liquid over peaches, leaving 1/4 inch head space.  Remove air bubbles.  Adjust two-piece caps.  Process 20 minutes in a boiling-water caner.

21 August, 2015

Slow Food and the Joy of Family

“Imagine wanting to take a whole afternoon to leisurely prepare supper–without a food processor, microwave oven, or cookbook. To live, after all, is to experience things, and every time we mince an onion, lower the flame under a simmering pot, shape the idea and substance of a meal, we actually gain rather than lose lived time. Such minutes are not only full and rich in themselves, but they brush a lasting patina of lived experience onto our memory” John Thorne
 Now don't get me wrong... I enjoy the handiness of a 30 minute meal on a busy weekday just like any other housewife.  But when I do have the time I am most content hovering over my giant cazuela slowly stirring a batch of jam.  Since we have had a bit more time on our hands lately waiting for the Food Truck to get up and running and really needing to work out some frustrations from a months worth of mechanical issues I decided to make some Achiote Paste... FROM SCRATCH.  Now this may sound silly as you can buy giant packages of the paste for a few pesos.  But I have made the paste from scratch before and the difference is vast... making it well worth the effort!

18 August, 2015

Copy Cat Hostess Cream Filling...That`s the Stuff!

As you may have noticed I am a huge Pinterest addict!  And when this post for Cloud Frosting popped onto my screen combined with my growing craving for cupcakes...well it is not hard to imaging what happened next!

13 August, 2015

Meet the Señor Chef Food Truck Team

Meet the Señor Chef Food Truck Team

Chef Boris Olvera
Chef Boris is the guy behind the stove, the man with a plan, the knife wielding crazy dude that brings the passion to the Señor Chef Food Truck Menu.  He likes taking long walks off of short piers...oh wait...No.  That is what his wife tells him to do!  Chef Boris lives for his culinary passions.  He is a bonafide Wine and Food Pairing Expert and loves Rustic Italian Cuisines.  One minute with Chef Boris and you will instantly feel like you have made a friend for life.

Email senorchefft@gmail.com for booking.

Jessi Olvera
Jessi is the girl behind it all; Social Media, Scheduling, Event Planning...the manager of the Calendar.  If you want it booked, tweeted, posted or gramed Jessi is the one you need.  This #foodie and #coffeeaddict is often seen with TWO cell phones in hand.  She #loves the #perfect #foodporn #picoftheday, to #slurp #cold #beer and is a #true #fan of #hashtags.

So help a girl out and: follow, friend, like, subscribe, comment, favorite, retweet and double tap dat ish!  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @senorchefft

Daniela Olvera
Daniela is the smiling face of Señor Chefs Food Truck Team.  She is the wearer of Swag, the selfie queen and she`ll take your order if you pay her.  She likes oceanography, shopping and making her old man crazy and grey.

Follow Daniela on Instagram @_olverav

Larry “The Wine Guy” LeMieux
Larry is the cheerleader behind the Señor Chef Food Truck Team, the official taste tester and the idea guy for all the Wine Tours.  He likes long legged wines, all variations of pub food and Wisconsin cheese...but no one is perfect.

Follow Larry on Twitter @WineGuy48 and join The Wine Guy page on Facebook

Lulu is the unofficial mascot of Señor Chef Food Truck.  She likes long walks, posing for selfies and Bacon!

Look for her selfies on Instagram @jessireil

PEPPER foodtruck (1).jpg
The Truck

Last but not least our final team member is...You!
We need YOU to help spread the word about Señor Chef Food Truck.  We want your #foodporn shots, your #selfies with the truck, your #reviews...we want it all!  So tag us in your pics, leave your comments, post a review...We promise to like, follow, comment, retweet and tap back because you are the most integral part of our business and we want to stay connected to YOU.

Where to find us in the Wild Web World:
Facebook: ElSenor ChefFT
Instagram and Twitter @SenorChefFT
Review us and Check In on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Foursquare

06 August, 2015

What`s it like Living in Mexico? - Beauty Products

One of the things I hear Expats complain about the most is that they cannot find their specific brand name products here in Mexico. GUILTY AS CHARGED!  I was there!  I had developed a specific routine based off of brand specific products that I have used religiously for years.  Moving to Mexico I slowly, and yes reluctantly, began to discover new (to me) products that are available here in Mexico and that I truly believe to be BETTER than their counterparts that I was buying in the States.

I have asked a few of my girlfriends to help me with this post and share their beauty secrets with you.  You may be surprised to find that some of the youngest girls are using some very natural products.

Sorry Fellas but this post is for the Ladies!!!

21 July, 2015

A Glimpse into the Mind of a Foodie

Nothing gets a Foodie more excited than a mid morning trip to the local Farmers Market.  The sun kissing the skins of fresh fruits and vegetables is better than the glitter of diamonds to some.  The buzz of foodies and farmers haggling over the price of Heirlooms.  And best of all... bringing your treasures home!  Foodies would gladly shoot endless Haul Videos of their fresh finds if it was not for fear of ridicule...or more likely the overwhelming desire to get cooking!

I am a Foodie.  Nothing gets me more excited then arm loads of goodies brought back from the local market.  I get so wound up I am known to send pictures of my Hauls to my friends and family.  But I am one of the most extreme types of Foodies because I find the greatest pleasures in Homemade goods like Marshmallows, Crackers and Achiote Paste. Things that most people would never consider making and would be much cheaper if purchased but the satisfaction of making it myself is greater than the expense.  

14 July, 2015

Running on Fumes and a Prayer

Guess What?!?!...We Moved! Part 3 of 3
I have been secretive for a while now because I was afraid that announcing that we would be closing La Casa Olvera and moving halfway across the country would hurt the little business flow that we had left...well we did all that!  We HAVE closed La Casa Olvera, loaded everything and then some back into the RV and made a harrowing road trip across deserts and mountains to Baja California where we now reside.  Lulu came with us of course and the newest character to join the Olvera klan is our dear friend Larry.  We are starting a new business!  A Food Truck called Señor Chef.  It is bold and fun and just our style.  Follow along as I divulge the adventures that have brought us to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico in this three part series!

Now I am unleashing all of the secrets.  If you did not catch part 1 and 2… you may want to check that out first!

Running on Fumes and a Prayer!
It took us no time at all to find a place to live.  We arrived in Ensenada on June 11th as planned.  We had scheduled appointments with Real Estate Agents for the 12th.  We packed the day with appointments and saw over a dozen houses from all ends of town and even in the Guadalupe Valley.  So what do a couple of Gringos do when they move from a small town to a large city?  Coerce the Mexican with them to move to the OUTSKIRTS of town and give them at least a year to adjust to city life.  So that is what we did!  We moved out towards Punta Banda where we found a neighborhood literally on the beach.  It is half a block to being ankle deep in sand in one direction and half a block to a nature preserve and estuary in the opposite direction.  It is an hour away from town and in many ways not the most accessible location… but did I mention that we have a beach?!?! AND A POOL!  We moved in on Monday.

No sooner had we unloaded the car and RV and dumped it all into the garage, no not the house...JUST THE GARAGE, did we cram Boris onto a plane destined for Monterey.  We had been receiving emails that the food truck was ready and they would not hold it much longer.  The plan was to stay Tuesday night in Monterrey and drive through Durango and on to Guaymas where he would load the Truck onto the Thursday Ferry and then drive up the Baja California peninsula returning to Ensenada from the South.  It was a tight time table as the ferry only leaves a few days a week, but it would get him home in record time.  The excitement...the anticipation… our dreams becoming a reality...all the feels!  We were already expecting to open the first weekend in July.  It was all coming together, and so fast!  

Boris arrived in Monterrey and the truck was NOT ready.  The used Bimbo truck that the builders bought for us had been modified to the Bimbo company standards.  This included a governor and incredibly uncomfortable seats, along with many other changes that a girly girl like me could never understand.  First delayed by mechanical issues, and then by receptionist errors in paperwork and he missed the ferry.  Now Boris would have to stay in Guaymas over the weekend with a brief case full of dirty underwear and wait for the next ferry.  But then the ferry did not come… weather issues on the other side apparently.  Mañana they said!  (All my Expat friends are giggling because we all know what Mañana means and “tomorrow” is NOT one of its meanings). Today?... more weather issues.  Finally the ferry arrives and Boris is in line to load the boat...now it cannot leave the dock: weather issues midway across (of course).  This went on for a week.  Boris could not leave as he had already paid for the ferry.  Non-refundable because it had not left due to...yah we know already: WEATHER.  Come to find out the ferry usually only crosses once or twice a week when they have enough paid passengers to fill the boat, blaming weather issues until they do.  Finally over a week in Guaymas, and more shopping for clothes and underwear then he has done in years, the ferry makes the 10 hour trip across the Sea of Cortez.  Boris decides not to stop halfway as planned but to rush home...at a top speed of 50 miles per hour!  Straight as an arrow through blinding desert followed by twists and turns through nail biting mountain roads and an hour from home...the power steering goes out on the truck.  Boris muscles 5 tons of steel to our door.  The end of the longest “see you in a few days honey” ever!

“What else could go wrong?” we asked ourselves.  “It all has to be uphill from here!” we said.  We found a mechanic based on a recommendation from our new best friend the owner of the produce shop down the road.  The mechanic came out and it would take at least a week to fix.  Just enough time for us to get all our permits in order we thought!  Still on schedule.  Still hopeful.  A little razzled from all the travel... but still looking forward!  We are ready to get this show on the road (another cheap pun).  Little did we know but one of the hardest bumps in the road (this one was not intended) of getting this business up and running would be the Mexican equivalent to the DMV.  We cannot start the process of getting permits to operate the Food Truck until we get the proper documentation for the Truck to be on the road.  The Food Truck is licensed with a temporary plate.  Basically permission to transport it to Baja California where it must be plated with a Baja California License Plate.  But you cannot get a Baja California license plate unless you have a Baja California drivers license.  You cannot get a Baja California drivers license until you have lived in the state for 100 days minimum. “Buh...buh… but sir!  We need to open our business.”  “Not. My. Problem”...oh yeah!  This is EXACTLY LIKE THE DMV!

Great news from the Mechanic!  We need a new radiator.... AWESOME!

We are running on fumes and a prayer here.  Who knows what will happen next!!!

We have an incredible opportunity with one of the wineries in the Valle de Guadalupe.  They want us to park beside their place, at the perfect cross roads in the middle of the Valley.  We have the menu.  We have even been testing vendors for items that we will need.  It turns out that our not so centralized, out of town location is the best location for obtaining the freshest produce.  Everything IS going great!  And we are still anxious to get started.  We are just delayed by red tape and bureaucracy which is always to be expected when you plan on selling food!

This story is not done!  Not by a long shot.  But I am back on the blog and will keep you up to date.  No more secrets!  With this new business I want to start a new form of communication with you.  From now on you can expect silly stories, brutal honesty about the good and bad things, and more of our day to day lives.  I think I have finally figured out what this blog is all about...so it can only get better from here.  Right?

To be continued… continuously……….

09 July, 2015

Life is a Beach!

Guess What?!?!...We Moved! Part 2 of 3
I have been secretive for a while now because I was afraid that announcing that we would be closing La Casa Olvera and moving halfway across the country would hurt the little business flow that we had left...well we did all that!  We HAVE closed La Casa Olvera, loaded everything and then some back into the RV and made a harrowing road trip across deserts and mountains to Baja California where we now reside.  Lulu came with us of course and the newest character to join the Olvera klan is our dear friend Larry.  We are starting a new business!  A Food Truck called Señor Chef.  It is bold and fun and just our style.  Follow along as I divulge the adventures that have brought us to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico in this three part series!

Now I am unleashing all of the secrets.  If you did not catch part 1… you may want to check that out first!

Life is a Beach!

We left San Miguel de Allende on the morning of June 6th.  We made a gorgeous drive winding around Guadalajara to Tepic, Nayarit where we stayed at an RV Park.  We drove through purple hills, agave fields and mango orchards.  It was magical and breathtakingly beautiful.  We were on our next adventure, ready to seize the moment, our dreams becoming a reality!  In our minds we could already smell the ocean air...

We left Nayarit and headed through Sinaloa to the border of Sonora.  The mango fields now in our rear views and nothing but hot stickiness up ahead.  We were licking our lips the whole way as we dreamed of Steak Tacos for lunch.  Sonora being famous for its beef it was all we could think of as we dredged on through sand and sun and insufferable heat.  We stopped at an RV Park in Los Mochis, Sinaloa for the night and lucky for us a taco stand just walking distance from the park.  We gorged ourselves on tender beef as the owners fussed over us as if we were long lost relatives.  Up and at `em the next day we were headed for Hermosillo, Sonora.

The further north we got the more checkpoints; which was to be expected.  We rarely grumble at the checkpoints as we are genuinely grateful for the work that the officers and soldiers are doing to keep the country safe.  The tour of the RV...or as they like to call it our “cute little apartment”... gets old FAST!  On one such tour the car started acting funny.  It was getting harder and harder to start the car each time that we stopped.  Well it finally pooped out and the soldiers had to ban together and PUSH me out of the way of the inspection sight.  Not an easy task considering it was riding pretty low under all the weight of the boxes and what not crammed in the back.  They called their mechanic to come over and he fussed with it for a little while.  But they could not get it to start.  I was awed by the fact that they had gone so far above and beyond.  They really took care of us and did not leave my side until we got it fixed...Boris of course is the one who fixed it!  Thank you hubby!!!  Boris whacked away at it, did a few little macgyver moves.  Taught the soldier boys a couple things about fixing a loose battery using a .50c piece… and we were off again.  We stopped at a Hotel in Hermosillo, Sonora endlessly grateful for A/C.

The next morning we got up early (time changes being well in our favor) and got ready to leave… we were headed… we headed for… we were ready to depart…  We didn't get ANYWHERE because the car refused to start!  We rushed back into the reception desk to recover our room key and get a phone book.  We had to call a mechanic to come out and look it over.  A kind passer by (also happening to be a mechanic) looked it over, deemed it a starter needing to be replaced and recommended a shop.  That guy couldn't come out until late morning… our chance of reaching MexiCali was dwindling.  The guy came to the hotel, said the same things the other mechanic did… he would need to take the car.  I was nervous handing the car keys over to a guy we found in the phone book… but what else could we do?  He jacked the front of the car up and told me to turn the key over.  As I did he started beating the living “you know what” out of something under the hood (I imagine the starter) a few hearty “technicians thumps” as they call it and the damn thing started!  I was impressed and willingly handed over the keys.  But purchasing and replacing parts takes time so we were stuck in the hotel another night.

Up even earlier this time and very anxious to get on the road we headed for MexiCali.  We were half way through our trip, a few thousand pesos lighter then expected and more anxious than ever to be sitting in front of the ocean drinking a super cold beer and eating shrimp cocktails.  Reaching mid afternoon Boris asked me if I had enough gas.  He believed the next gas station to be 100 Kilometers away.  I guessed that I did having no fricking clue how long a damn Kilometer was and uttered a prayer that I was correct in my guess as we headed down the road.  Little did I know we were about to cross El Gran Desierto del Altar.  100 kilometers turned into miles as we literally drove into nothingness.  Endless seas of desert on all sides and mid day sun beating down our windshields.  The gas tanks on both vehicles dwindled as we were stopped by checkpoint after checkpoint.  I have never grumbled at the checkpoints until then.  And even the dog was not having for it as she would look at the officer sideways, ruffle her scruff and rumble this low throaty growl that had me seriously doubting if she would ever bite anyone.  Finally on fumes and a prayer we got stopped at yet another checkpoint...this one had a line and I was all but in tears.  I begged the soldier, “is there a gas station near by please?”  It was less of a question and more of a plea.  He told me there was one 10 minutes down the road.  I could see by the look of Boris face he was in the same boat as me.  As I saw the gas station in the distance I almost thought it was a mirage.  The car started to sputter and shake as I crossed the last 100 meters to the pump.  We all collapsed as we melted out of our vehicles.  And the dog bit the gas attendant…

We were a day behind our original schedule, desperate to be off the road and on the beach...decision time: Do we stop at our next designated rest point in MexiCali or do we cram two days of driving into one and make the last haul of the trip a 12+ hour trek?  We didn't even think about it that long as we all jumped into our seats and hit the road hard.  Full tilt ahead for Ensenada!  We drudged on for the full 12 hours hell bent on making it to Ensenada before sun down.  We didn't stop for lunch, or breaks... just gas and back on the road.  When we entered the back roads crossing into the Valle de Guadalupe and I saw grape vines over rolling hills, felt the salt air kiss my skin and at last saw the sign for Ensenada...do not judge me when I say that I wept!  We had finally arrived in Ensenada!!!  We pulled into the RV Park and stumbled out of our vehicles onto the grass.  We were exhausted, road weary and starved.  We quickly showered and changed ready to climb into the car so that the three of us could go out to eat...right!  I knew there was a reason I had saved the one seat in the back to be free of boxes.  Now there was only two seats instead of the three that we needed.  Oops!  The groundskeeper for the park came over to us.  He said, “You must be starving and tired, please take the keys to my truck so that you can take your entire family to go and eat”.  I almost cried again.  We had never met this man and here he was offering his vehicle to us.  Tacos had never tasted so good.  We had finally made it!  And we had been received with loving open arms.

To be continued………………..

07 July, 2015

Secrets Unleashed!

Guess What?!?!...We Moved! Part 1 of 3
I have been secretive for a while now because I was afraid that announcing that we would be closing La Casa Olvera and moving halfway across the country would hurt the little business flow that we had left...well we did all that!  We HAVE closed La Casa Olvera, loaded everything and then some back into the RV and made a harrowing road trip across deserts and mountains to Baja California where we now reside.  Lulu came with us of course and the newest character to join the Olvera klan is our dear friend Larry.  We are starting a new business!  A Food Truck called Señor Chef.  It is bold and fun and just our style.  Follow along as I divulge the adventures that have brought us to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico in this three part series!

Secrets Unleashed!
Business was great when we were La Cocina de Boris y Jessi.  Our little hole in the wall cafe was for the most part a success.  Then people started asking for dinner, for wine, for beer...for MORE SPACE!  And all of these requests seemed logical to us.  So we did all that we could to oblige them.  We opened La Casa Olvera.  We served dinner, we served wine, we served beer and the space was beautiful!  And it worked... for a little while, we added other events like the Sip and Nibble Soiree to supplement the petering out dinner service...and then that suddenly stopped too!  We could not figure out what happened, where had we failed our customers...WHERE THE HELL WHERE OUR CUSTOMERS?  Our loyal fans, our friends?  It just didn't make any sense!  That is until someone asked me if I was scared to live in our neighborhood.  WHAT THE WHAT??? “Of course...” she said, “with all the hooligans and gangsters in your neighborhood!” She said it as if I should know something, as if everyone knew about the dangers of my neighborhood except me. Visions of the sweet ladies who set up shop in front of our house flashed through my mind.  The men in our neighborhood greeting my husband by name.  The friendships that we had struck over the last year.  Cracking jokes with the shop owners.  Feeling loved and cared for every time we walked the dog down the street.  But “hooligans”...well that was news to me!  But it was not news to the rest of the Expat community.  Naysayers had unleashed holy hell on our neighborhood.  Making claims against the local government of insecurity and vandalism.  The Expats (according to this group) were leaving San Miguel de Allende in droves and we should join them!  Their claims flabbergasted us!  This had been going on for months and we had no idea that it was happening.  We loved our neighborhood!  We could not believe that someone would start such a vicious rumor.  But rumor or not no Expat would venture the half a block into our neighborhood day or night for any reason… and just like that; we were out of business.

Thankfully Larry had already planted a seed in our brains.  A seed that was developing into a luscious business plan.  A plan to move to the OCEAN and return once again to WINE COUNTRY.  We were on board (cheap pun) and ready for new adventure.  We obtained a loan and purchased a Food Truck.  Since we had most success moving our business around why not have a business that did just that; MOVED!  It would be bold, fun and we would call it Señor Chef.  We bid farewell to San Miguel de Allende on June 6th and the few friends who had stuck around.  The boys packed up the RV and headed off down the road.  Instead of towing the car this time, since we had sold the dolly, I loaded the car to the hilt and followed along with a stack of books on tape and our dog Lulu at my side.  The Food Truck was still being built.  So the plan was to arrive in Ensenada and stay at an RV Park while we house hunted.  Find a place and move in before the 15th.  Then Boris would fly to Monterrey and pick up the Food Truck and drive it back to Ensenada taking the ferry to save time, gas and money as well as shave off a trip across the desert.  Best laid plans… or so they say.

To be continued…………………...

02 June, 2015

Recipe: Un-Baked Baked Beans for the Company Picnic

It is the day of the company picnic which is hours away from the house.  There is less than an hour to have the kids dressed and piled into the car when the boss calls and "asks" (as if there is a choice) that you bring baked beans.  You certainly do not want to show up with a simple can of beans and there is not enough time to make it from scratch. Now what?

29 January, 2015

Recipe: Caramelized Onion Dip

I just submitted this recipe to the Old Farmers Almanac Competition!  Cash prizes and winning recipes will be included in the 2016 Almanac.  We will find out in September how I did.  Cross your fingers!!!

Caramelized Onion Dip
It is not a family gathering in our house if there is no Onion Dip!  Now everyone loves how quick and easy it is to mix the dried soup mix into a container of sour cream but this recipe is well worth the time involved.  The soup mix version will quickly become a memory after trying this version.  But be sure to give yourself the time to caramelize the onion.  That is the real trick to this recipe.
Serves 8 persons
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Large Red Onion, minced (about 1 ¾ Cup)
1 Clove Garlic, minced
1 ½ teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
1 teaspoon Soy Sauce
¼ heaping teaspoon Fresh Thyme (⅛ teaspoon if dried)
Salt and Pepper, to taste
1 Cup Sour Cream

Heat the oil in a small skillet over low heat.  Add the minced onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until caramelized- at least 30 minutes.  Add the minced garlic and cook about 2 more minutes, stirring constantly, until softened.
Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the Worcestershire sauce, mustard, soy sauce and thyme. Season with Salt and Pepper to taste.
Transfer the mixture to a small bowl and let cool completely.
Stir in the sour cream until well combined, cover and chill for at least 2 hours.  
Serve with your favorite chips, veggie chips or crackers.

Keeps refrigerated for up to 3 days.

What do you think of this recipe? What are your family favorite dishes for gatherings?

13 January, 2015

Recipe: Orzo Pasta Salad with Smoked Salmon and Roasted Vegetables

With as cold as it has been, I need something to remind me that Spring is coming, and with it comes sunshine and planting in the garden.  The garden brings a bounty that makes me wish Summer will never end.  I need brightly colored food loaded with vegetables to get me through the winter doldrums.  If you can relate then you will love this Mediterranean inspired Recipe.  I have used ingredients that you should be able to find even in the dead of winter.

This is what I need! Sand, Sun and Surf...better than Snow, Snow and Snow!

Feel free to play around with the vegetables that you have on hand. Just be sure to cut them and cook them in bite size pieces. Although it is not my favorite vegetable you could just as easily add Eggplant.

*If you are shopping within 100 miles you may want to omit the cucumber from the dressing.  That is fine, it will still make a lovely dressing.  You can add mint or basil for added flavor if you wish instead of the cucumber.

08 January, 2015

What`s it like Living in Mexico? - Laundry

Life in Mexico is like hanging the whites on the line in the sun.  The billowing of the sheets is only matched by the puffy clouds, reminiscent of last nights storm.  We hang the clothes on the line not because it is a third world country and we don`t have dryers.  We do it because for one it is the ecologically correct thing to do.  And two, because there is something so beautifully calming, so right about watching the clothes soak up the sun and the smell of the fresh clean air wrapped around your body.  From my roof I can see that Tuesday is Laundry day in our neighborhood as the rooftops and gardens come to life with fluttering laundry on the line.

People around the world are becoming more conscious about what they put in their body.  Where their food come from, Water conservation, upcycling instead of throwing away... the list is growing and we should be proud!  Few are starting to think beyond what goes in the body and starting to think about what we put ON or wrap ourselves IN.  DIY Laundry Detergent is growing in popularity not just because it is better for our health but also better for the wallet.  I researched and read up on the differences in recipes, asked a lot of why and narrowed it down to two posts.

06 January, 2015

What`s it like Living in Mexico? - Introduction

If you have been following the blog for a while you will have noticed that I like to run a few different series.  There is the "Tastes Like...", and I also like to share about the various Holidays and Festivities, as well as host guest posts from Expats experiences in Mexico.  Now I am getting ready to introduce a new series, similar to the "Tastes Like..." where I add to it periodically.  For the most part I like to share with you what we are doing, what we are cooking, some of my silly experiments in the kitchen...  But the main goal of this blog is to share with you the REAL MEXICO.  The kind of things that you typically only discover by living here.

In this new section I want to share with you various products that you can find in Mexico, where to find them, how to use them...  This is less about food and more about the culture of the day to day.  You can expect to read about Beauty Products, Laundry, Tips on Shopping, Driving in Mexico...  The kind of things you would talk about with your girlfriends.  So pull up a kitchen chair, while I fold the kitchen towels, and lets talk about the daily life in Mexico.

And please remember, just like all good gossip this is solely my opinion about personal experiences!  I will do my best to provide the necessary information for you to be able to formulate your own opinions as well.

04 January, 2015

New Years Resolutions

I know that today is the 4th a little late for New Years Eve.  But there is method to my madness!  Today is the new moon, the first new moon of the new year and a powerful time for making your resolutions known.
This is a perfect full moon to activate something new, something big, something prosperous and something you desire for yourself. Pick an intention and ask to receive the right ingredients that will activate this new and fabulous dream.

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