25 September, 2012

Tianguis Treats - Atole and Cafe de La Olla

I love Cafe de La Olla! Brewed in a clay pot with piloncillo and cinnamon sticks it is smooth and sweet (but not too sweet) with a hint of spicy cinnamon....ahhhh!  Makes waking up early for the Tianguis worth it.  Atole is something I am still just discovering.  It comes in many flavors.  The one above is Amaranth Seed and I really enjoyed that one.  More traditional flavors are corn based.  Atole gets you ready to conquer the day, giving you tons of energy to make it through the morning.

We have been so busy (we are working on a surprise that I will tell you about very soon!) and have been running lots of errands.  I may need a cup of each today to get me going strong and steady for the long days work ;)

What are you waking up to?

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