21 December, 2014

Cocktail Party Roundup

It makes me giggle all these cookie and baking roundups as for me the Holidays make me think of Appetizers.  I know that sounds weird to most because appetizer roundups are something you do just before Super Bowl.  But in my family every Christmas Eve we get together and we have hors dòeuvre, cocktails, appetizers, finger food, botana, snacks... whatever you like to call them we have at least a dozen different nibbles.

Me, my sister and mom what seems like ages ago, but was likely only the early 2000`s
Christmas Eve with the Family
I used to go up a day early and help my aunt cook.  It was a lot of fun, and though I have not been since we moved to Mexico I still find myself searching the web, cookbooks, forums and blogs for new ideas.  So, since I cannot be there in person to debate over which dip we had last year, and which spinach recipe we haven't done in a while... I thought I would share with you a few recipes that sparked my interest this year.

In no particular order... Links and sources listed below.  This time I thought I would tantalize you with pictures.  All pictures come from the blog link listed.

Click away my friends!  And PLEASE share recipes that you are trying this year.  For more recipe ideas and hunger pains head on over to my Pinterest Board,

13 December, 2014

What`s it like Living in Mexico? - High Desert = Dry Skin

One of the things that I love the most about living in San Miguel de Allende is that it is beautiful and warm nearly every day of the year.  I am a California girl and cold weather and I do not mix.  So I am eternally grateful for no snow and warm afternoons.  The problem with living in the high desert however, is that as soon as the sun goes down so does the temperature, and we are talking hard and fast!  I joke with my family back home that San Miguel weather is so considerate, because the weather waits to get bad when you are tucked away at home.  And for the most part this is true.  But the harsh changes in climate from day to night wrecks havoc on your skin, regardless if you are tucked inside or not!

08 December, 2014

Thirty...and Thirsty

Since there is not a whole lot that I can do about turning the big Three-Oh-Why-God-Why?...  I thought I might as well make something positive about it and do a Roundup.  And since the whole thing has made me very THIRSTY... might as well do an updated Adult Version of the roundup we all do when we turn 21...Alcohol!  Whoo hoo!

03 December, 2014

Secret Family Recipe...Cookies

Every family has their secret recipes.  Just recently Boris was trying to remember one of his grandmothers holiday recipes...the only person who knew the details of the recipe, his mom, now passed... A family tradition lost forever!  

My great grandma (98 years young) and my aunt
So I am on a new kick to share family secrets... recipes that is!...in order to preserve the memories of our loved ones forever.  So why not blast it on the web?  

30 November, 2014

New Blog Format

Hello All,

Just a little update of the layout and design of the blog.  We are headed into the new year, I figured it was time for some renovation.  I hope you like it.

You may have noticed that the Blog Title and HTML has changed.  Please note the new address.



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22 November, 2014

Tastes Like... Calabaza

Last year I wrote about how to cook and puree a pumpkin for making pies, muffins and soups.  This year when we ordered Calabaza from the produce stand we really had no idea what we would get.  The literal translation of Calabaza is Squash.  

In English we usually refer to the different squash by their common names; pumpkin, zucchini, crook neck...  So my Calabazas arrived and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they looked similar to what I call Baking Pumpkins, just more colorful.  

12 November, 2014

Wine and Food Trip to Valle de Guadalupe with The Wine Guy and Chef Boris

Wine and Food Trip to Valle de Guadalupe with The Wine Guy and Chef Boris Olvera

What: Enjoy a long weekend of Wine and Food
Who: With The Wine Guy and Chef Boris
Where: Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California
When: February 6-9, 2015
Why: Because you love wine and food and want to sample some truly superb Mexican offerings!
How. Book with Jessi your Local Travel Agent

09 November, 2014

Tastes Like...Rompope

Rompope is a drink classically enjoyed during Christmas.  Many call it Mexican Eggnog, but not to the face of a Mexican of course.  Although similar in some ways it is so drastically different in flavor, texture, presentation, preparation...I could go on and on...that it seems wrong to say it is even LIKE eggnog.

22 May, 2014

Feelin' the Beet

I am very weird when it comes to food.  If I do not like something, I throw a fit like an 8 year old, and then eventually try it again.  Just because I did not like it the first time does not mean I will not like it in a different presentation, or prepared by a different person.  I used to HATE scallops until I tasted the Chef's preparation of Scallops with Risotto.  That is when I realized that it depends on the presentation, technique and cooking time.  Scallops should be sweet and succulent and tender.  I thought that they were bland and rubbery.  I am delighted now when I have the chance to eat scallops again.

19 May, 2014

A Perfect Day in Coyoacan, Mexico City

I adore Coyoacan, a bohemian neighborhood in the middle of Mexico City.  It is my respite from the hustle and bustle that is Mexico City and I relish my moments there.  But of course, my perfect day in Coyoacan is centered around the delectable treats more than the museums.

25 February, 2014

15 February, 2014

Tastes like ... Cuitlacoche

Also spelled as Huitlacoche; we are talking about the prized black rot that grows on infected corn.  A prized possession in the Mexican market and priced accordingly.  I HATE that it has been translated to be called Corn Smut!  Smut sounds to me like something you should be scraping off of your shoe not a delicacy defended even by the government.  That`s right my friends GMO corn is banned in Mexico because GMO corn does not produce this staple ingredient in the Mexicans World Heritage Cuisine.  I prefer to call it Corn Truffles.  If the French can wax elegantly about rot rooted from the ground by trained swine why should I not be able to call it Corn Truffles?

08 January, 2014

Dieting in Mexico

Resolution time again!  And just like every year people are planning to loose weight, get healthier, eat more fruits and veggies.  I challenge you to for-go your diet and eat more Mexican food.  But REAL Mexican food, burritos and nachos do not count.  I`m talkin Momma`s Home Cookin Mexican food, the stuff that is just as flavorful as it is healthy, the stuff you can`t find at a restaurant.  If you eat that, I can guarantee that you will feel and look better!

Since moving to Mexico the pounds have just been melting off.  I don`t feel like we really do anything different... if anything we exercise LESS and eat out MORE.

06 January, 2014

Dia de los Reyes / Three Kings Day

Rosca de Reyes /Round Bread for the Day of the Kings
This crown-shaped pastry is served on January 6, the Day of the Kings, or Twelfth Night.  A small doll representing the baby Jesus is randomly inserted when the bread is almost finished baking.  whoever gets the slice with the doll must then hold a party on February 2, the Feast of Candelaria where tamales are traditionally served.
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