20 September, 2012

La Mesa Grande

We have been meaning to test out this cute little spot and finally had the chance while waiting for the parade to start the other day.  I am not certain if I should call it a cafe or a bakery.  Either way it is delicious!  Great quality acidic Veracruz coffee, daily baked bread...ahh!  I really enjoyed the Croissants and would go back for many other baked treats.  I still am trying to get used to no Cream for coffee whenever we go out.  Coffee is just not the same for me if it is not creamy :(  Especially since many of the high mountain coffees of Mexico are so high in acidity... it needs cream, plain and simple!

The environment is calm and relaxing.  The Mesa Grande (big table) sits up front and people can read, sketch... I am a huge fan of community tables!  They are so inviting and friendly.  

Good to the last drop, and crumb :P
Daily bakery specials and the Mesa Grande

How do you take your coffee???

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