06 September, 2012

Fun little projects around the house

Boy Howdy have we been busy! We are working on decorating our home and fixing up the guest room for Holiday guests.  I found these lovelies at the monthly Alma sale.  With a little TLC and some stops around town we got them framed and glass on them.  Gorgeous art for less than $10US- Priceless!

We found this old and broken stool in the yard and the "top" on the street.    A fresh coat of colorful paint and a few wedges to even out the table top and we have a fancy new phone table!  Price- paint only :)

We have been also cooking up all sorts of fun treats in between.  Tomato Onion Tortillas, Punjabi Cuisine, Breakfast Cups, Spicy Sweet Beer Nuts... We have some more tricks up our sleeves ;) Stick around Kiddos, it could get fun!

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