27 November, 2012

New Kids on the Block - Guest Post by Mari Osa

New Kids on the Block- Jessi and Boris  By Mari Osa
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Mari Osa and Larry at La Cocina

It opened a month or so ago, a tiny two table and one small counter restaurant called La Cocina de Boris y Jessi on Ancha San Antonio Calle. My brother, Larry and I noticed the tiny place with the Chef in his official cooking jacket and the lovely woman, we later learned was his wife. 

Chef Boris and Jessi seem way over cultured and high class for the tiny space. We could not resist asking them what their story was. Fresh from the US California wine country where Boris cooked for a winery and Jessi worked for a high end hotel.
They had had the life of high stress and fast pace.  Now they are seeking more balance. La Cocina offered a great opportunity to have a quieter venue to offer their talents to the world. The restaurants simple layout makes dining very intimate. The "kitchen" is an open space where Boris is easy to watch and talk to while he is cooking for you. His stories are as engaging as his food. 
Jessi and Boris decided on quality meals, only doing breakfast and lunch. Proportions are just right for the very reasonable price.
Coffee, which is a big issue for me in San Miguel, is excellent. Like everything Boris does with food, his choice of coffee is very deliberate. Its a blend of organic coffee he has designed himself from national growers and roasters.

Today they tell me they have changed the menu several times to reflect customers comments and desires. They say that they both feel it is important to listen and interact with customers.

Larry and The Le Mieux Bagel

My brother, Larry, suggests a bagel combination of cream cheese , thinly sliced tomatoes, and drizzled with a light herbal olive oil. Boris listens and begins to gather all the ingredients while we talk and he makes himself one. He agrees that it is unique and really good. He adds it to the menu the next day after adding his own touch of a small fresh basil leaf to each tomato , which certainly improves the visual presentation .  Simple and very tasty- he and Jessi decide to name it the Le Mieux Bagel in honor of my brother. Luckily, Le Mieux means The Best in French. 

The Le Mieux Bagel:
Toasted Bagel smeared with Cream Cheese, topped with Tomato slices and
sprinkled with fresh basil, salt and pepper and little drizzles of Olive Oil

Boris and Jessi have all the ingredients for success. They are clear about their goals to stay balanced and enjoy their business and customers.They are offering their years of experienced quality for a great price.  Well worth a visit on your next visit down the Ancha San Antonio.

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