11 April, 2013

Give a little Whistle!

One of the best things about living in a small colonial town like San Miguel is that you get to experience some old time traditions that are not as common in the big cities.  You get to appreciate more of Mexico with only having to walk to your curb.  UNESCO honored Mexico a few years back with an award for most Intangible Cuisine.  Street food is a huge part of this.  I know back in the states we are limited to thinking only of Greasy Taco Trucks but the food scene in Mexico is so much more than that!  We make jokes with our friends that we are going out for some Vitamin "T" when we head for the streets.  Tacos, Totopos, Tortas, Tamales, Teleras, Tostadas, Tinga, Tortillas, Tetelas, Tlacoyos... and that's just the goodies that start with the letter T.

Once versed in street food in Mexico you inadvertently get trained to the sounds and calls of the vendors. Even if  you do not understand what they are saying a certain string of notes and tones tells you what they are selling.

09 April, 2013

Let's Jam

Recently a customer asked me to teach them to make Jam.  Now Boris is the Chef and he usually does the cooking classes.  My style of cooking is much more Suzy Homemaker and not meant to be shared in a professional sense.  So believe it or not I was really nervous to agree to this class.  But they are good friends as well... so how could I say no!

Gettin' our jam on... mango that is!

I make Jam for the shop all of the time and I used to can at home with my mom every summer.  I love how simple jam is.
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