08 September, 2012

Bird watching in our Neighborhood

One day I will make it to one of the Auburdon Bird walks but until then I thoroughly enjoy the feathered friends of our neighborhood.  Here are a few of what we have flitting around regularly.  *Pictures are not my own, please follow links to see photo credit.

Just saw one of these cute Bug catchers today. I like her Orange  bottom!
A pair of Bug catchers
There are tons of Great Egrets in our Hood
The hummingbirds here are amazing ranging from seemingly dull coloring to vibrant 
and even curved orange beaks
Inca Dove- I love these little guys they are hilarious waddling about
I call this guy the Car alarm bird because that's the noise that they make- but in reality they are called Grackle their tail work when flying and landing is awesome!
Woodpecker- one of these little guys likes to pound on our neighbors metal steps a few times a day, makes me laugh every time!!!
This is a Cactus Wren, we pulled one of them out of a nearby street lamp

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