08 January, 2014

Dieting in Mexico

Resolution time again!  And just like every year people are planning to loose weight, get healthier, eat more fruits and veggies.  I challenge you to for-go your diet and eat more Mexican food.  But REAL Mexican food, burritos and nachos do not count.  I`m talkin Momma`s Home Cookin Mexican food, the stuff that is just as flavorful as it is healthy, the stuff you can`t find at a restaurant.  If you eat that, I can guarantee that you will feel and look better!

Since moving to Mexico the pounds have just been melting off.  I don`t feel like we really do anything different... if anything we exercise LESS and eat out MORE.

06 January, 2014

Dia de los Reyes / Three Kings Day

Rosca de Reyes /Round Bread for the Day of the Kings
This crown-shaped pastry is served on January 6, the Day of the Kings, or Twelfth Night.  A small doll representing the baby Jesus is randomly inserted when the bread is almost finished baking.  whoever gets the slice with the doll must then hold a party on February 2, the Feast of Candelaria where tamales are traditionally served.
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