17 December, 2012

Gettin' Tattooed in Mexico - Guest Post Fred

Another guest post from our dear friend Fred.  Boris and I have both been tattoo'ed on more than one occasion but I have never  been able to describe it more than to say, "Those that say it doesn't hurt are LIARS!"  Fred of course is far more eloquent then I and has described in detail his incredible adventure here in town getting one of the coolest tattoos that I have ever seen!

November, 2012

16 December, 2012

Mexico in the News... and it's not too shabby

I have been wanting to share these articles with you.  

From USA Today and Book Author Shannon O'Neil: Column: Mexico isn't a gangland gunbattle

Certainly gives you a different idea of Mexico...especially in wake of the shootings in the States!  Common' over!  The water is GREAT!

Thought Provocking

What would you do if you could....?

Little brain tickler before New Years Resolution time

14 December, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

Dear Family & Friends,

First we want to say thank you for all of your support & encouragement this year.  Your constant cheering has helped spur us on through our adventures.

This year has been just that; an adventure!  What a wonderful adventure it  has been!  We crossed the border into Mexico the first part of January from there we traveled to 16 States, 26 Cities and over 6,000 miles exploring Mexico; it's rich culture, heritage, history & cuisine.  After three months of travel we were TIRED & ready for home...except we didn't have one yet!  

We headed for San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato a small town we visited that we knew within an hour of visiting we would call home! We settled into a cozy apartment on the outskirts of town with a gorgeous view of the lake.

We were home!  Shortly after we adopted Lulu, much to Meeki's dismay.  Although they are getting along fantastically now!

Our catering business was up and running, through not as hard & fast as we had originally planned.  So after nearly ten months of divine retirement we opened our own little restaurant   We have been super busy with the Cafe & we have made lots of friends.  Each day continues to be an adventure & we are enjoying every minute of it.

It is easy to say that change is scary and stay in your comfort zone.  But if you embrace it & keep moving forward the rewards are endless.  Many people have called us crazy moving to another country, traveling, trying to start two new businesses & dealing daily with a mountain of unknowns,  Maybe we are crazy...but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We encourage you this coming year to embrace the unknown, accept change, take a challenge & most of all deserve your dreams!  We can guarantee that you will not regret what you did!

All  our love, all the way from Mexico!

Boris y Jessi
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