09 June, 2012

Tiangis Treats - Canastas

New Tiangis find a Grass Reed basket 
for keeping Tortillas warm during dinner = $5 Pesos
Even though we have our favorite vendors for specific items we always enjoy wandering the market to see what there is to find.  As we are still getting settled into our home we find one or two pieces each week at the Tiangis or at a Garage Sale.  It has turned into a homey form of treasure hunting, each day is an adventure.  This week we found a really nice lady who sells Canastas or Baskets of all shapes and sizes.  She has baskets for everything and all  you  need to do is ask her and she has the perfect fit just for you.  I loved the way the reeds are woven in this little basket, perfect for keeping the Tortillas warm.

What did you buy at the market this week?
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