06 June, 2012

Sun and Venus on a Date at El Charco

Yesterday afternoon we went to El Charco to watch Venus pass in front of the sun.  There was about 20 other locals there and two scientist narrating what we were seeing.  They brought dark glass, a telescope and binoculars so that we could all take turns looking directly at the sun.  It was an incredible event, one that will not happen for another 100 years.  There was such an awesome sense of community even though we did not all speak the same language.  That is what I love about living in San Miguel.  Everyone is so friendly regardless of language, status...people are so approachable and they wave at you even if you are a complete stranger.  I am so glad that we were able to share this miraculous event with the community of San Miguel.

The clouds parted just in time for us to see Venus cross over the sun
Our gracious hosts
Viewing the sun through binoculars 

View of the old water pipes from the Aurrora Dam
The reservoir is nearly dried up.  We really need some rain!
The reverse view from the telescope on paper.  Venus is the small spec on the top left.
Rain clouds nearly blocking the view
Everyone turned out to see this event, I liked watching the kids and their families
San Miguel Community
Mom teaching her daughter to look at the sun through the dark glass

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