30 June, 2012

Excess Baggage

When you live in another Country and people come to visit you they always ask "what do you want me to bring you, what are you missing?"  All the forums are flooded with questions of "what items can I NOT find there?" Even as I was preparing to return I found myself asking the same questions.  Yes Mexico is a different Country, yes flavor preferences are different from the states, yes there are different brands... but I find it very difficult to answer these questions.  If you move to a different Country you go with the understanding that you will need to adapt, compromise and be a little bit flexible.  I have changed face lotion products, rediscovered my favorite makeup brand, found a healthier brand of dairy... I have adapted and I don't find that I really miss anything!

So...what did I "smuggle" into my bags for the return trip?  

Fritos and Zinfandel!

I like the original flavor Fritos and have not found them in Mexico.  And California wines are expensive and tend to be sucky brands.

But the real question I think should be, "What will you buy when you return home?"  When I went to California I wanted a Charbroiled Hamburger, Margarita Pizza with cracker thin crust and a Jamba Juice (not all in one sitting of course).
When I landed at home again in Mexico I headed straight for the Tiangis for a Papaya drizzled with Key Lime juice and then for Tacos al Pastor at our favorite "No Name" fonda.  I missed them so much in the week that I was away!

What do you head straight for when you visit your hometown?
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