04 June, 2012

Taco Party Specials for $1000 pesos

Taco Party Specials for the whole month of June starting at just $1000 pesos!

Tacos de Canasta Special
100 Tacos de Canasta (filled with frijoles and papas con chorizo and chicharron en salsa verde)
Comes with the accompanying salsa
$1000 pesos for 100 Tacos

Alambre Special
Alambre- bell peppers, onion and meat (choose pork or beef)
Frijoles Charros
Nopales Salad or Pico de Gallo
Salsa (verde or rojo)
$1000 pesos per 10 people

Personal Chef Service
Chef Boris Olvera
Phone: 1211485
Email: borisyjessi@yahoo.com
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