05 June, 2012

Gettin' to Know Ya- Part III

Little Lulu
I am going to keep this post to mostly pictures for fear of sounding like one of those freaky pet lovers.  I don't want to call them our kids...but since we don't have any...well it slips out every now and again.  Meeki our 8 year old cat and Lulu our 2 year old dog round out our family for now.  

I adopted Meeki from the SPCA in Santa Rosa, CA 6 years ago when I was alone, having just moved to Napa...I needed a friend to greet me when I came home.  She has been just that!  

Lulu we just adopted from the SPA here in San Miguel as soon as we were settled into our new home.  We have been wanting a dog for a long time and after viewing the SPA's Facebook Page we knew it would be a mutt.  We were in the waiting area, waiting to be introduced to a potential when Lulu ran right in, dove between Boris' legs, sat on his feet and rested her head on his knee.  We had been adopted!  In all honesty we wanted a smallish dog, but when you are adopted by a 40lb dog what do you do?  

I would like to report that the two of them get along like PB&J...but I can't.  Thankfully I also cannot say that they get along like Oil and Vinegar.  No it is more like...Ketchup and Ranch; they only get along when Chicken is involved.  The other day Meeki walked up behind Lulu and rubbed her shoulder along the full length of Lulu's body.  We thought Aw how sweet!  She's rubbing her scent on her "sister" and showing her love.  Then she turned around and smacked Lulu in the face.

First night in home, we had not purchased a dog bed yet, so she curled up like a snake in the cats bed.
Walking down by the lake, one of the highlights to living in Los Frailles

Lulu is a poser

Lighting fast in the grass

Dingo Ears.  hee hee The wind blew her ears up
Pretending to be shy

They started to get along when they realized the both had a favorite past time:  Chismosas
Caught on tape getting along.  Busted!
Getting comfortable with each other
What a ham!

You brought a WHAT into my house?!?!

Meeki tolerates the dog but you can see the look on her face like :Ick!  Your breath stanks!"

Meeki is in love with a Chef too

I never pose for pictures so this is what they do to me!

Give me the kitty treat before I smack you!

My favorite thing to do

Why we never get good pictures of her

This is her good side

In the cabinets of the RV...Don't forget to take me with you!

They say that cats bring good Chi into your life.  And that pets of all kinds accelerate the good energy.  I don't know about all of that but what I do know is that they keep us laughing and smiling all of the time.  We may not have kids but these two brighten up our lives and fill us with love.

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