08 June, 2012

Salsa Inspired by my Favorite Taco Stand

Every week we have breakfast at the Tuesday Tiangis.  We choose from Tacos, Gorditas and Birria, most of the time Taco's wins.  One of the reasons that Tacos pulls out ahead is the perfect salsas that are prepared by the wife of the owner.  She has the exact hand for how much chilies to put to make the flavor of each individual stand up and sing! I have tried begging, bribing and even tried to ask her daughter in law how to make the red salsa that they serve...even the daughter in law had no idea.  Finally after many weeks of groveling I at least got her to tell me the chilies that were in her salsa.  We ran around the market gathering the ingredients we needed and scurried home.  Boris and I put our heads together and did our best to come up with the recipe to our favorite salsa.  It is pretty close, but not exact.  Which means that I will spend many more weeks begging and pleading until she agrees to teach this Guerra how to prepare the salsa.  The salsa that we made however turned out DELICIOUS so it is with great pride that I share this recipe with you.

Ingredients assembled 

Tiangis Inspired Salsa
1 small Pasilla
2 Cascabel
3-5 Chile de Arbol
1 large Onion
1 clove Garlic
2 Tomatoes
5 Tomatillos
Olive Oil
1 cup Water

Deep fry chilies.  Just enough to release the flavors.
Roast Garlic, then peel.
Caramelize the tomatoes and then the onions.
As each item is finished cooking place in blender, when all ingredients are in the blender add water and blend until smooth.
Season with salt to taste. 

***If you have a Molcajete you can grind each ingredient as it is finished cooking and get a lot better flavor...my Molcajete is on my Santa Wishlist.

Prep work complete
Frying the chilies
It is easy to pan roast a single clove of garlic by leaving it in the paper husk and tossing it in a pan
Perfectly pan roasted Garlic
Everything ready to go!

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