13 August, 2015

Meet the Señor Chef Food Truck Team

Meet the Señor Chef Food Truck Team

Chef Boris Olvera
Chef Boris is the guy behind the stove, the man with a plan, the knife wielding crazy dude that brings the passion to the Señor Chef Food Truck Menu.  He likes taking long walks off of short piers...oh wait...No.  That is what his wife tells him to do!  Chef Boris lives for his culinary passions.  He is a bonafide Wine and Food Pairing Expert and loves Rustic Italian Cuisines.  One minute with Chef Boris and you will instantly feel like you have made a friend for life.

Email senorchefft@gmail.com for booking.

Jessi Olvera
Jessi is the girl behind it all; Social Media, Scheduling, Event Planning...the manager of the Calendar.  If you want it booked, tweeted, posted or gramed Jessi is the one you need.  This #foodie and #coffeeaddict is often seen with TWO cell phones in hand.  She #loves the #perfect #foodporn #picoftheday, to #slurp #cold #beer and is a #true #fan of #hashtags.

So help a girl out and: follow, friend, like, subscribe, comment, favorite, retweet and double tap dat ish!  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @senorchefft

Daniela Olvera
Daniela is the smiling face of Señor Chefs Food Truck Team.  She is the wearer of Swag, the selfie queen and she`ll take your order if you pay her.  She likes oceanography, shopping and making her old man crazy and grey.

Follow Daniela on Instagram @_olverav

Larry “The Wine Guy” LeMieux
Larry is the cheerleader behind the Señor Chef Food Truck Team, the official taste tester and the idea guy for all the Wine Tours.  He likes long legged wines, all variations of pub food and Wisconsin cheese...but no one is perfect.

Follow Larry on Twitter @WineGuy48 and join The Wine Guy page on Facebook

Lulu is the unofficial mascot of Señor Chef Food Truck.  She likes long walks, posing for selfies and Bacon!

Look for her selfies on Instagram @jessireil

PEPPER foodtruck (1).jpg
The Truck

Last but not least our final team member is...You!
We need YOU to help spread the word about Señor Chef Food Truck.  We want your #foodporn shots, your #selfies with the truck, your #reviews...we want it all!  So tag us in your pics, leave your comments, post a review...We promise to like, follow, comment, retweet and tap back because you are the most integral part of our business and we want to stay connected to YOU.

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