30 August, 2012

Travel Journal - Zacatecas

I am typing out my journal from our travels across Mexico.  I thought that I would share a little snippet with you ;)

January 19, 2012
We stayed at a lovely hotel in Zacatecas called Hacienda del Bosque, they have hook ups in a side parking lot for RV’s and special bathrooms for their campers.  We were the only ones camping so we enjoyed the facilities all to ourselves.  Zacatecas is beautiful and very interesting!  It was built in the 1500’s and began as a mining town.  They still have two working mines today.

We got to visit one of the mines that had been shut down in the 60’s because it runs underneath most of the city they were concerned that it may weaken the structure of the city.  You could see shimmers in the rocks as you walked along.  It was really fantastic tour.  We also took a gondola from one end of the city up to the highest peak they call La Bufa which means wind gust.  The view was breathtaking.  The weather was nice and warm for us (coming from Albuquerque where it was below freezing at night and in the low 40’sF during the day) we were in short sleeves while everyone else was bundled up in sweaters and scarves and looking at us like we had three heads.  Ha ha ha!  The funny thing is it was around 70 degrees F!  The downtown was everything that we imagined and more!  Cobble stone streets, tiled plazas, Baroque churches sheathed in gold, twisting turning alleys that climb up hills at a 45 degrees angles...  We ran ourselves ragged with three days of tourism, but it was worth it!

From there it was only a quick two hour ride to Aguascalientes where we are staying now.  Travel has been great, there have been very few cars on the road and some semi trucks.  There are many officers; federal, police, army, patrolling the highways and cities.  But it is not scary.  They are there to make sure that nothing happens or that drugs and weapons do not enter or leave the country.  they have been very friendly with us the few times that we have been stopped to check our paperwork, even giving us recommendations for breakfast!  More than being scared it is a relief and nice to see these men working hard and protecting their country.
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