16 August, 2012

Chocolate and Churros in SMA

One thing that everyone loves about San Miguel is the Paroquia at night.  The way it is lit and the mariachi's wandering the square... it is a sight to be seen!  We like to head down just before Sunset grab a cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate and some Crispy Sweet Churros and wander around the plaza.  It is a lovely and romantic setting as you watch the sun go down and the lights on the church and the surrounding plaza go up...so peaceful!

Menu from Franciscan Cafe across the street from the Franciscan Plaza
But there in the question lies; Where to buy the Chocolate and Churros?  There are two spots downtown known for their Chocolate and Churros, served all day long and with the option of getting them to go. They are the Franciscan Cafe and Donovan's.  Now just about every Expat we know told us to go to the Franciscan Cafe.  We did but the chocolate tasted like Hot Chocolate... good quality mind you but it was not MEXICAN Hot Chocolate, and we were surprised that they only had a few options.  The Churros were very good!  From the Franciscan Cafe you can cross the street and head on over to the Franciscan Church Plaza and a lot of the times on the weekend they have Fireworks over the church.

Menu from Donovan's on Hidalgo
Our Personal Choice for Chocolate and Churros is Donavan's.  They have six different kinds of Mexican Chocolate and they are all distinctly different.  Our favorite is the Mexicano but for something extremely different you should try the El Fraile which is extra thick!  The Churros are fantastic, although we have yet to try the Stuffed Churros as they always seem to be out.  I am not certain that I would recommend Donavan's for a meal, their wide array of menu options seems to be their downfall :(  But they remain my absolute favorite for Chocolate and Churros.  From Donavans you walk two blocks up hill and you have reached the central plaza of downtown.  You can hire a group of Mariachis to sing you  a song or simply enjoy the night air as you stroll around the plaza and gaze up at the Cathedral. 
Mexican Hot Chocolate at Home
How do you like your Hot Chocolate?  What do you like to eat with your cup of Chocolate?
Where's my Churro???

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