09 August, 2012

Everyday Life in San Miguel

I love reading all the blogs and posts about people's visits to San Miguel de Allende.  They post lovely pictures of the Cathedral and the Paroquia and the Miradors of San Miguel.  Some venture out to Atotonilco to see the Sistine Chapel of the Americas.  Others make it to a Balniario for a soak in the mineral pools.  We love all of those things too about our little town, but that is not everyday life.  In fact we hardly make it down to the Paroquia unless family is in town.  Sometimes we go down there to watch the Danzon that they hold every now and again.  We have yet to soak in the mineral waters.  

So what do people do that live in such a magical place?

We watch TV
We watch a bike race
We dress up for the Locos Parade
We even make our own costumes
We admire the wildlife
We watch the rain
We play with the dog
We TRY to play with the cat
We make faces at the computer...I mean blog

What are  your favorite daily activities?  Mine is shopping at the Tiangis and hanging the clothes out to dry on the line.

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