10 July, 2012

Tiangis Treats- Lazy Tacos

Known as Tacos Placeros or Tacos Huevones, they are a favorite in this household.  In Mexico there are little stores where you buy each of your ingredients and it is usually just a simple stroll down the block.  Tortillas, Fresh Cheese, Avocado, Salsa or Ensalada de Nopal, limes and Chicharon.  Sometimes you only need to make a couple of stops since the Tortillarias normally sell many of these ingredients on Sunday.  You finish it off with a Six Pack and head home to watch the game.  We buy all of our fixin's at the Tiangis. Not only are these tacos super flavorful but it is a quick meal in the time it takes to heat the tortillas.  You don't even have to set it up this fancy, this plating was really just for ya'll.  Most of the time I grab the little cutting board and throw some cheese, avocado and lime on it with a small knife.  I make fresh salsa every week so I just grab the mason jar out of the fridge and a spoon.  Then I grab the bag of Chicharon and some warmed tortillas and toss it all on the table.  Lunch or dinner is served!

What is your favorite meal in a pinch?

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