20 July, 2012

Aguascalientes, AGS Mexico

We are in Aguascalientes this weekend so I thought I would share with you a few pictures from the last time that we were here.  You may have heard of this city for the Fair of San Marcos a month long National Fair held every year.  Or for the bull fights that they have. We visited some of the gorgeous Haciendas as well as the downtown which has a beautiful Cathedral.  Aguascalientes is part of Central Mexico so Birria is really popular.  There is a stand on nearly every corner, especially on Sunday's and in the downtown Market they have a whole building just for Birria vendors.  I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

One of the Hacienda's that we visited

Beautiful and Flavorful Chilies Rellenos, nothing like a home cooked meal when you are on the road

This beautiful woman has been cooking, cleaning and serving for over 30 years!

The downtown Cathedral, I love the  blue!!!

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