26 July, 2012

Another Happy Customer

What a fantastic event we had last night!  The food was incredible and the customers relaxed and happy.  Nothing makes me more proud than to see the hostess relaxing, reading a book on the patio while we took over the kitchen preparing and setting up.  Isn't that the point of hiring someone to cater a party at your house?  So that you do not have to worry about a thing.  The party hadn't even started and I was happy to say it was a job well done.  Then when people started coming back for second and THIRDS...  we could not be more happy with the event last night.  And we certainly have another customer for life.

The Menu

Arranchin (Rissoto Balls) with Romseco Sauce

White Bean Crostini with Shrimp and Pesto Sauce

Buffet Dinner:

Caprese Salad
Beef Bourguignon with Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

Baked Torta Azteca Bubbling Hot out of the Oven
Baked Torta Azteca

Apple Tarte Tatin with Hand Whipped Cinnamon Whip Cream

Bar Service:

For some gorgeous pictures of San Miguel check out these lovely's!
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