29 May, 2012

Tuesday in San Miguel de Allende

Tuesdays are our busiest day and my favorite day in San Miguel.  I spend Monday night planning my attack on Tuesday.  I look forward to market day like a kid looks forward to Christmas, because to me a trip to the market brings many treats and gifts and I don't have to wait all year for it.

Tuesday starts with walking the dog, a quick cup of coffee and we are on our way; shopping bags in hand. We head straight for the Tuesday Tiangis on the opposite side of town and head straight for our favorite stands.  First  Don Guadalupe's stand for fresh local produce.  He has a wide selection of fruits and vegetables all from Celaya, and sometimes he has apples from his own backyard and his wife makes the best pickled peppers.  We load our bags with exotic fruits until they are bursting at the seams.  After dropping our bags in the car we make a visit to our cheese lady and the spices guy where I find the secret ingredients and garnishes for the weeks menu.  By then we are drooling and our stomachs are growling like wild dogs.  We make a bee line for the food section of the tiangis having the debate the whole way there, "Tacos, Gorditas or Cecina?"  We sound like Dorthy, "Lions and Tigers and Bears- oh my!"  Most of the time we lean towards tacos.  We wait for a seat like vultures, as we circle from one side to the other, checking the trompa of the Pastor before circling back to the other side again.  Once a table is cleared we dive in.  I order Tacos al Pastor with Pineapple and a Gringa with Bistec.  Boris orders Lengua, Cabeza and Campechano.
Boris' tacos...MEATY
Pastor tacos with Pineapple...this is meat candy!
When we are not licking our fingers or Oooing and Ahhing over the food we have our eyes peeled for our little friend.  The most adorable 7 year old...well he says that he is 7 but we think he is  younger.  He comes around with his bucket of goodies that his mom prepares.  He is such a hard worker and is a very honest young man.  We wait for him to bring his treasures and try to find something to fit into our weekly menu.  We had to hunt him and mom down last week as we were earlier than our usual time.  He was just finishing his breakfast and preparing his bucket.  His face lit up as he tugged his mom's shirt, "Those are my friends!"  I will never forget that little face, and I think we bought one of everything that day.  As we walk back towards our car we wander the stalls to see the flea market finds and anything else that jumps out at us.

Excited from our market finds we scurry home to put away our treasures.  In the afternoon I make the weeks pot of beans and fresh salsa.  Towards evening we prepare for our weekly favorite event, The Newcomers Social Meeting.  We have so much fun at these events, meet really incredible people and see lots of fabulous houses.  If you live in San Miguel you must check out these events...even if you are not new to town!

By the end of the night you would think that we would be exhausted, but we are so hyper by the time we get home!  We feel so loved and welcomed and happy to be in Mexico.  It takes us a little while to settle for the night, but once we do we just dream about doing it all again the following week.
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