04 November, 2012

Day of the Dead - Altars, Catrinas and Mojigangas in the Jardin

Downtown this weekend was a sight to see!  So much to see and do!  The Earth Harp was strung from the front of the Paroquia (the main Cathedral in town) to the front of the Jardin (the Central Park Plaza).  It was incredible.  I am still looking for a good video on youtube of it to share with you.  The one I found does not do justice to such an incredible instrument.  But I encourage you to Google it!  There are lots of pictures and videos in other towns shot during the day, so it is easier to see.

 There was so much to see and do to celebrate this weekend.  Altars skirted the Jardin, on one block there were Catrinas and Catrinos (girls and boys dressed up as skeletons) honoring the dead of the Revolution. Mojigangas, which are giant puppets paraded around downtown.  There was also tons of art to see all honoring Dia de Los Muertos.  In my next post I will share some of the artwork.

Mojigangas in the Jardin or as my 4 year old neighbor calls them Los Grandotes
Below are some of the altars that skirted the Jardin.  The detail is incredible!  I really loved the floor drawings made out of flowers, salt, beans, even chilies! I liked to see all the different ways these people honored the dead, since I had just made my first altar on my own.

There were so many people dressed up as Catrinas and Catrinos.  This little princess was my favorite!  Her skirt was made of layers and layers of newspaper.  She was a real winner in my book!

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