04 November, 2012

Day of the Dead - Artwork Around Town

There were so many instillation's of art work in honor of Dia de los Muertos around town that it took two newspapers just to map it all out- and even then they did not cover everything!  One of the major art instillation's this weekend were these gigantic skulls roughly 3.5 feet tall that was given to various artists and galleries around town.  They decorated the sculls and they are on display all over town.  At the end of the week the skulls will be auctioned off.  I was only able to see a few of the sculls so far but I will do my best to get out there this week and try to find the rest of them.  

It was really hard to get around town this week with all the traffic and tourists in town.  One other neat instillation we discovered was in Parque Juarez.  They stretched plastic wrap between two trees and allowed various graffiti artist to spray paint the wrap. Some of them were reeeeeeeeeeeally good!

This must have looked amazing when it was covered with candles!!!

I love the marigold path

Boris and Lulu posing with the VW Skull

These two have been my favorite so far...but I have only seen 4 :(  The detail is just incredible!  These artists really put a lot of time and effort into their piece

I can't believe the detail in these "disposable" pieces of art.  Plastic wrap and spray paint...who knew!

This is a new installment in the Parque, and it apparently lights on fire!

At first glance I thought that they had stuffed marigolds in the eye sockets of the skull but at  closer range you can see that they are painted on- it looked sooooo real!

This was the first skull that I found, we were returning from buying tortillas in the early morning and headed for the Cafe when I screamed for Boris to pull over.  He is such a loving husband that he of course obliged me and let me snap a few quick photos.  I love the blue and white birds.  It almost reminds me of the Talavera that we saw in Puebla.

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