25 February, 2014

Cooking Classes and Fun with Chef Boris Olvera

Did you know that we have cooking classes?!?!  Well we do and they are becoming quite popular thanks to a review from a famous San Miguel Blogger.  

We know that when people visit San Miguel they want to experience the real Mexico, and what better way to dive into the Mexican culture than to TASTE IT?!  We now offer TWO types of cooking classes.  One is the planned class that Don Day describes in his blog.  Offering a menu of Raw Salsa and Chips, a Fresh Salad with Homemade Dressing, a Traditional Mexican Dish (real home food) with its accompaniments and then a Traditional Mexican Dessert for just $350 pesos per person.  

Option two is catered completely to your desires.  Want to learn how to make Chiles Rellenos? Flan? Truss a bird like Julia Child?  Whatever your flavor we bring everything to you! Cost is $300 pesos per person plus cost of supplies.  You can invite a few friends, select a menu and get to work on your favorite dishes that you have always wanted to learn how to make.

We have so many fun and exciting events coming up:  Cooking Classes, Private Dinners, Wine Trips and Tours around Central Mexico!  Do not get left behind! Follow us on Facebook or shoot me an email to be added to the mailing list!
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