27 December, 2013

New Years Eves Superstitions and Traditions in Mexico

Wither you believe in this stuff or not it certainly makes for a fun New Years Eve.  It makes for the busiest minute of my life and is much more entertaining than watching a ball drop and kissing a stranger.  There are MANY different things that you can do to bring good luck in the coming year and the superstitions vary around the World and from family to family.  These are some of the fun things that we do in our household come New Years Eve. 

The most important is to gather the family.  Then a good deep clean of the house is in order, making sure to open doors and windows to allow the bad energy to leave and make room for the New Years good energy.  Be sure to sweep out the front door and all the way to the street.  Some bathing rituals are involved as well.  Once you and the house are shinny clean it is time to put on your new under things.  Red for love and passion, yellow for happiness and wealth.

Midnight can be very busy so it is good to have a few things prepared in advance. Items needed: broom, three coins, shinny red apple, white candle sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and a drop of perfume, suitcase, a stuffed lamb that has been gifted to you, 12 grapes per person, your wish list for the new year.

As the clock begins to toll at midnight each person grabs their wish list and 12 grapes.  With each toll you eat a grape and make a wish.  One grape, one wish, one month.  Keep the list with you all year to remind yourself of what you are working towards.

Sweep out the front door to usher the bad energy out from last year and welcome in the new good energy for the new year.

Want to travel in the coming year?  Grab your luggage and take it for a walk around the block.  The longer the walk the further your travels will take you.  Do not forget to grab your partner,  you wouldn't want to leave them behind!

Now for your coins.  Hang them above the door in the shape of a triangle.  This way fortune will walk through your door in the coming year.  Traditionally the coins were hung on the front of the door and if anyone stole your coins they would be cursed financially for life... no one stole the coins ever!

Hang from the back of the door your gifted lamb.  This also helps in the financial department.

Light your candle that has been sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and a drop of perfume.  Let it burn until the end.  It will absorb all of the bad energy from the past year and sweeten the year to come bringing you health, love and wealth.  The candle will burn as long as it needs to to absorb the bad vibes.  I have seen candles burn quickly and others take days, even though they were the same size!

Place a new red apple in a location of the house where it will not be disturbed.  Leave it there all year!  Yep you heard me right!  ALL YEAR!  It will continuously absorb the negative energy in your home.  The faster it rots the worse your energy.  You should attend to that!

Be sure to hug your family members, wish them a happy new year and best of luck in the coming year.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and wish you all the best in the coming year.  PLEASE share with us some of YOUR families traditions or ones that you would like to try.

As we say in Mexico we wish you health, wealth and love and most of all the time to enjoy them all!

Happy New Years!!!

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