24 November, 2013

Anniversary`s in San Miguel

Hello again friends and thank you for sticking around!  We have been busier than ever at the shop and catering.  We have met so many new and wonderful people!  Can you believe that we have been living in San Miguel for a whole year???  Some days it feels like just yesterday and others it feels like we have been in San Miguel a life time!  We are so grateful for our new home town.

So what has been happening?  We took a group of 20 to La Redonda Winery for the 100 Mexican Wines Festival.  What a blast!  Just look at those purple teeth!  ... ur ... I mean smiling faces!

We also made another Don Day review!  This time for our Homemade Italian Sausage.

Our Italian Sausage is perfect for Biscuits and Gravy!!!
Check out the review Here.

When our lease came up at our  lovely little apartment in Los Frailes we moved a little closer to town, closer to the shop, and as we have discovered closer to the action.  We moved in on Sabado de Gloria (the night before Easter) and awoke to Fireworks, bells and trumpets at a ripe- 5 am!  We had not heard much of that living just outside of town but we are already used to it now.  We hardly even hear the bells on Sunday morning anymore.  I actually really enjoy it!

We also just completed a year at the shop and have many wonderful events coming up.  If we survive the end of the year I will tell you all about it!
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