13 August, 2013

More than Coffee at La Cocina de Boris y Jessi

Hello There!

I don't usually toot the horn too loudly when we get a good review but this one has a little spin on something we have been doing that does not include any type of gain for the shop... other than it fills our hearts.

Brenda and Mr. LeMieux the two people that really started it all!

Color time at La Cocina

Our Good Grades Party.  When we asked the kids what they wanted if they got a 7.0 are higher they all replied Soccer Balls!  And that is just what they got!!!  Next year if they get an 8.0 or higher we are going to the ZOO!!!

Giving the kids a sense of ownership with their coloring clipboard and drink glasses personalized with their names.

Snack and Art time together

The method to the madness came from Suspended Coffee which is a world wide effort to pay it forward.  My favorite saying of theirs is "It's about more than coffee."  At La Cocina we took that literally and started taking the price of a cup of coffee and putting that into a small meal for one child.  It has been a life changing experience!

"Many years ago in Naples, Italy, a tradition was born... Espresso Sospeso
Translating as 'suspended coffee', the idea is simple. 
Someone goes into a cafe, bakery, restaurant and pre-purchases a coffee or food. 
This is then a 'suspended coffee'
Someone in need can then go into the business and ask if they have any suspended coffees. 
They are then provided with warmth and nourishment at no cost to themselves."

If you Google Suspended Coffee you will find hundreds of examples of how something as small as a smile and a cup of coffee is changing lives;  both the givers and the receivers.

I hope that you enjoyed our review.  If you would like to see more pictures of "our" kids please take a look at the Suspended Coffee album on the La Cocina SMA facebook page.  

For more information on the Sketchbook project and how art is changing lives around the globe please visit our new friends at 131313sketchbookproject.com/ you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  Also be sure to check out the Mexico Sketchbook!!!

Paying it Forward one coffee and one piece of art at a time

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