16 October, 2012

Before & After- Getting to Opening Day

Open for Business at Long Last!

Yesterday was our Opening Day of La Cocina de Boris y Jessi.  It was incredibly successful and we are so happy with the way everything turned out.  We still have to do a little touch up paint here and there and figure out how to get our sign hanging up were it belongs...But mostly only little details that we would notice.  It did not really sink in how far we have come in so few days until I looked at the Before and After photos that we took...  Take a look for yourself!


Lovely view of the bathroom door the second you walk in - yummy!


Arturo and his wife came all the way from Mexico City to help us with the construction.  I have never seen anyone work so hard and so fast and most importantly so well and accurate!  He finished all the construction in 3 days!!!

The attention to detail he put on this bar blew my mind!  It was good enough to eat off of before we even stained and sealed it!

Work in progress

The bar and bookshelf stained and ready to go!

Objects in motion never photograph well but we were so excited to have a ceiling fan we had to take the picture!  It really makes a difference

Installing the extractor in the kitchen.  I feel so bad for the bakery lady because all the delicious smells from the kitchen waft past her back door.  She rushed in yesterday begging for some Cafe de la Olla to end her suffering of having to smell the delicious cinnamon and piloncillo.  Hee hee!

Appliances all in place.  The stove is HEAVY DUTY!  Boris could tell you all the BTU's and that stuff but I am just going to say:  It can boil water in 1 minute flat and the flames get up to a foot high!

Spacing the letters for the sign

Furniture delivery day

The furniture we ordered from a near by town.  They do fantastic work and at  really fair prices.  Nearly all the wood furniture in our own home came from them.  Such an incredible family and great work!

Moment of truth!

I am just so relieved that I don't have to do it all over again- HA HA HA

All of our dishes are Hecho en Mexico

Fridge stocked and ready for service

Organic Coffee from Chiapas and Pan de Dulce

My Suegra's Recipe for Flan, brought us good luck for opening day

Boris prepping for service, tables set- We are Open for business!

Coffee Service Set up.  We serve Half & Half, something very hard and rare to find in our small town

The beautiful bar, set and ready

I am so happy with the way the bookshelf turned out.  Now just to stack it with goodies to sell.

Some of the handmade items to sell.  All sales from this shelf go to helping the community.  My favorite item is the Ojala Ninos 2013 Calendar.  We are so excited to help support such a great cause.  Ojala Ninos teaches art, music and literacy (to try and put it in a nutshell) to over 100 children that live in San Miguel Viejo an old Rancho outside of town.  What they are doing is so very important for our community!

Tables set, specials hung- it turned out perfectly!

First sale of the day- a slice of my Suegra's Flan of course!

Chicken Mole Enchiladas with Black Beans

Opening Day Comments
Chef Boris and his wife, Jessi, are ready to serve up their delicious breakfast
& lunch fare at Ancha de S.A. #35 - (across from Los Faroles) They serve HALF 'n
HALF with the most delicious coffee I've had in a long time. It's a place where
you feel nurtured by really good food and sincere kindness.

They are also giving their support to OJALÁ NIÑOS by selling the new 2013
calendar - all proceeds going to the program. With one stop you will meet 2
special people, eat wonderful food and buy a calendar to help give over 100
children art, music and literacy in SM Viejo.
What a way to spend an hour! 


This couple is delightful. I hope their new restaurant is a great success!


Mariosa and I stopped in today to see what it was all about and it was FANTASTIC! Chef Boris was talkative and funny and a whirlwind in the kitchen. Jessi was charming and attentive and as gracious a host as there is anywhere! The coffee was excellent (from Chiapas) and breakfast was delicious! The place is tiny but all the better to get to know this wonderful couple. Stop and give them a try...you won't be disappointed!

Larry (on Facebook)

Mariosa and I decided to try La Cocina de Boris y Jessi this morning and it was
FANTASTIC! Chef Boris was a whirlwind in the kitchen and full of conversation as
he stirred and chopped and tasted. Jessi was a gracious host, very attentive and
chatty and charming. The coffee (from Chiapas) was delicious and our breakfast
was wonderful. Mariosa ordered the breakfast sandwich of egg, cheese and bacon
on a REAL English Muffin (much better than McD's) and I had an Eggs Mexicana
basket consisting of scrambled eggs Mexican style served in a little pastry
cup. Both were served with some of the best frijoles I've ever had in my two
years here. They're located on Ancha at #35 almost across from where the the
organic market is held. They open at 8:30 for breakfast and also serve lunch.
Oh, and one last thing...the price is right...2 coffees with refills, 2
breakfasts and a cinnamon roll we shared for 100 pesos. Stop and enjoy!

Larry (on The Civil List)

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